About CHI

Mission Statement: The Center for Humanist Inquiries provides learning experiences outside of a university setting. Focused on cultivating critical and creative thinking skills, services are designed so students appropriate what is learned in ways meaningful to their personal and professional lives. CHI provides a community for thinkers interested in pursuing questions without a need for answers.



1)   To serve the needs of a community filled with lifelong learners who lack structured opportunities to engage in new intellectual adventures.

2)   To create communities with shared intellectual passions by disrupting boundaries that limit social interactions (class, age, race, gender, education, etc.).

3)   To generate sensibilities that enable richer interactions with artistic community events and resources.

4)   To develop critical thinking, reading, and writing skills, providing tools for a more conscientious community.


CHI is proud to be part of the James Gang, a crucial community resource for young organizations!

Center for Humanist Inquiries  is proud to be part of the James Gang!