New Discussion Class: Beyond Belief–Vigilant Faith

CHI: Beyond Belief – Vigilant Faith

Taught by Jake McCulley

Wednesdays, 4-5 in room 209 of The Center


In a world of ceaseless advertising, we must always be on guard. McDonald’s won’t turn you into the next Kobe Bryant, that SUV won’t turn you into Indiana Jones, and our trip to The Happiest Place on Earth didn’t fix my parents’ failing marriage. But what happens to us when our first instinct is to meet every new thing with skepticism? What happens to our relationships—with God, with friends, even with strangers? How can we reclaim our ability to contemplate the unknown without jumping to judgment? Join us in a discussion of Dan Boscaljon’s book, Vigilant Faith, as we attempt to unravel these questions and reclaim a portion of our lost humanity. Reading is encouraged, and the book will be available at Prairie Lights in the Religion section.



02 Nov :: Introduction and Chapter 1

09 Nov :: Chapter 2

16 Nov :: Chapter 3

30 Nov :: Chapter 4

07 Dec :: Chapter 5

14 Dec :: Chapter 6 and Conclusion