The Pursuit of Wonder: Personal Intimations

This course builds on and will refer back to the “Philosophical Invitations” class, but each class is also stand alone, requiring no prior knowledge or preparation. Here, we will inquire about how wonder might expand or contribute to our creative flourishing. Starting with the assumption that spaces of wonder are connected to our identity at a deep and meaningful level of our ultimate concern, this course will offer a brief (10-20 minute) lecture concerning topics at the heart of wondering about our selves, or how wondering affects the self. The next third of the class will be spent discussing issues raised by the lecture regarding wonder, and the class will conclude with discussions of the “homework” undertaken over the course of the week. This is an eight week course. Suggested donation, $80.00, although any one is free to come at any time, without having done the reading. Please register by emailing

Live lectures will be presented from 12-1 on Thursday in room 205 of the Senior Center. I’m hoping to provide either an audio file or written notes for those unable to be present locally during that time.

Class Topics:

21 July: Ultimate Concerns: Determining the content of your question

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Ultimate Concerns

28 July: Presupposing Correctness: The paradox of presupposing an answer

04 Aug: Suspending Certainty: The importance of faith in finding wonder

11 Aug: Understanding Contexts: Historical roots of why this question arises.

18 Aug: Defining Causes: Psychoanalytical roots of why this question arises.

25 Aug: Inspiring Confidence: Pursuing wonder in spite of horrors

01 Sept: Sharpening Clarity: Expressing the limits of understanding

15 Sept: Proclaiming Creatively: Portraying the dynamics of your truth