The Pursuit of Wonder: Philosophical Invitations

This course will be primarily lecture-driven, working through the implications of wondering in a world that seems more driven by answers than questions. We will think through barriers to wonder that confront us in the everyday world, the structure of wonder and its possibilities, and the relationship of wondering about this or that thing to the awed encounter with wonder that remains available to us, even as adults. The list of classes will follow the readings from In the Throe of Wonder: Intimations of the Sacred in a Post-Modern World by Jerome A. Miller (available at Prairie Lights). Interested students can also watch the “Beyond Belief” lectures over Ricoeur’s essay “Religion, Atheism, and Faith.” This is an eight week course. Suggested donation, $80.00, although any one is free to come at any time, without having done the reading. Please register by emailing

For those who live locally, it will be held from 4-5 in room 209 of the Senior Center in Iowa City on Wednesdays. For those unable to be present during that time, I’m hoping to post videos by the following day. Each class will cover one chapter of Miller’s book, in order.

20 July: The Love of Wisdom and the Consolations of Fallibility

27 July: Wonder as Hinge

03 Aug: On the Way between Heidegger and Lonergan

10 Aug: Worlds

17 Aug: Amphilbolies of Love and Death

24 Aug: The Experience of Horror and the Destruction of the Self

31 Aug: Temporality as Rupture

14 Sept: In the Throe of the Absolute Other