Beyond Belief I: Ricoeur Religion, Atheism, Faith

Beyond Belief I: Accepting Uncertainty as a Spiritual Practice

This class examines Paul Ricoeur’s essay about the space of faith, belief, and practice after one embraces the critiques of atheism. Working slowly through Ricoeur’s essay, these lectures both clarify Ricoeur’s argument and expand upon the possibilities for what it means to live beyond a belief anchored to traditional religious forms–and why this kind of faith is important for true believers to develop.

Summer 2015

Classes are held Wednesdays, 6-7 July 14 to August 18 at the Senior Center In Iowa City, IA, Room 202.

Anchor Text: Ricœur, Paul. “Religion, Atheism, and Faith” in The Conflict of Interpretations. Evanston: Northwestern University Press, 1974. Print.

Class outline and reading:

1: Definition (440-441)
2:Accusation (442-455)
3: Consolation (455-460)
4: Resignation (460-465)
5: Repetition (465-466)
6: Creation (466-467)

Week I

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Week II


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Week VI