Masters of Suspicion I: Heidegger

Masters of Suspicion (Heidegger): Examining our Relationship to Our World

Summer 2015


Classes are held on Tuesdays, July 14 to August 18 12-1 pm, Senior Center Rm. 209 in Iowa City, IA

Anchor Texts: Heidegger, Martin, and Joan Stambaugh. Being and Time: A Translation of Sein Und Zeit. Albany, NY: State University of New York Press, 1996. Print.
Heidegger, Martin. Poetry, Language, Thought. New York: Harper & Row, 1971. Print.

Class outline and reading:

1: Why Question the World? (BT: pp. 1-37)
2: The Nature of the World (BT: pp. 49-102)
3: The World of Inauthentic Everydayness (BT: pp. 123-146)
4: The World of Authentic Care (BT: pp. 169-195)
5: The World of Artifacts (PLT, 17-50)
6: The World of Art (PLT, 50-81)