Engulfed in the details of our daily lives and surrounded by a culture that promotes the instant availability of answers, we exchange our capacity to wonder for the safety that arrives with certainty. The result is nothing short of tragic: we live longer, but lead smaller lives. This course merges the philosophical and the practical, thinking through the implications of wonder (as awe) against the practice of wonder (as questioning). Students will be encouraged to think through their individual entrances to wonder throughout the course, working to deepen the space of the question instead of searching after answers. Each class will present students with the possibility of homework, to be discussed in the following class. There is a suggested donation of $80 for each course, made payable to the Center for Humanist Inquiries, but all are welcome to attend. The suggested donation for two classes is $150, and the suggested donation for all three is $200. Although anyone is free to attend or watch/participate without registration and without payment, I would also appreciate if you could register by emailing me at to let me know which classes you would like to attend.